Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Boho Shirt from Boho Skirt

Hello people !

Today, a test that has potential.

I am exploring the boho style.  I know these kinds of patterns take a lot of fabric.  So I found a boho skirt made with LOTS of fabric:

You know the kind: flattering only to very THIN and TALL women, with NO HIPS !  Not my description at all !!!  This fabric is also very thin and crinkly so the cutting is a nightmare !

But here is the result:

Even if it is a test, and it is uneven, I really like its potential.  I will definitely make some more.  It is also 2 sizes too large for me !!!  I like the cut of it and it is whimsical enough for me.  More here.

Hope you like it !




I Can Work With That said...

I know what you mean about this fabric, it is awful to work with. But it looks very pretty.

jennifer elliott said...

The fabric is beautiful! Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD

Anonymous said...

that looks absolutely fabulous!