Sunday, September 04, 2016

REFASHION: short girl solutions

Summer may be ending soon, but the warm weather will continue to linger for a few more months. With enough pretty shirts in my closet, I finally summed my courage and motivation to start sewing shorts. I'm really good at turning my husband's old pants or jeans into shorts, but oddly enough, I only have three pairs of casual shorts and one pair of gym shorts I depend on.
After rummaging through my refashion bins, I found two pairs of too small sweatpants I could refashion into more comfy and roomy shorts and make them my size. I started with the red pair and cut off the legs at my preferred length, and I inserted a new panel (from the cast off legs) on each side.

For more pictures and details and other projects, click here.

Until next time ... Jennifer Elliott


Carissa said...

Excellent solution! And they look super comfy too! :)


Chickie Walsh said...

I tend to forget to work on the everyday refashions too. Great reminder and I like the expansion technique.

jennifer elliott said...

Thanks! I really wanted red gym shorts but I didn't want to shop all over the place. I'm a happy girl now.