Sunday, October 30, 2016

#20 Back to School: No More Slidding Down Skirt

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Sweater Re-fashions
Some Ugly and Some Lovely

·      The post below is about an outfit for my after retirement "Back to School" wardrobe.

·         Skirt and two coordinating tops. Several years ago, they were first Re-fashioned from three skirts bought for that purpose.  
·         Knit dress from the Re-fashion stash.

PROBLEM: I wore the skirt to the new job last week. It slid down when I walked. This left a gap between the skirt and loose overtop.

·      Remove the sleeves from the knit dress. Finish the arm holes by serging.
·      Unstitch the folded over skirt waistband and serge the edge.
·      Pin and hand baste the skirt on top of the knit dress. Top stitch.

•   The under-dress now serves as a cami and slip combination. The under-dress holds the skirt in place so it does not slide down. 


·      Take time to make small repairs to garments while Re-fashioning. 
These items had very thin serged seams. I added narrow straight seams to reinforce. 

Set was 1st Re-fashioned from
1 blue / 1 green skirt 

Now under-dress holds
the skirt in place so that it does not slide down

Original skirt pleat in green top.

 Back of green set.

AFTER: Bue set.
1st Re-fashion
from 2 blue skirts.

Blue knit under-dress
serves as cami / slip combo.

Skirt is topstitched onto under-dress
to keep the skirt from sliding down

Waistband opened.
 Top-stitched onto under-dress to keep skirt in place.

AFTER: Sleeves removed 
on the under dress
Edges serged

BEFORE: Skirt slid down
leaving gap between loose tops.

BEFORE: Loose skirt

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I Can Work With That said...

Great fix for clothes that don't want to stay put like they should. That is a very annoying problem, it drives me crazy too. you made 2 great outfits.
The Christmas sweater idea sounds fun too.
Chickie EOD