Wednesday, October 05, 2016

#15 Back to School: Men's Linen Pants

This is #15 Back to School.*I am a "retire / rehire". 
  • Retired from University and Rehired into an Elementary School
  • I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my new "Back to School" wardrobe. 
  • I pledge to shop from my closet.

  • ·         Lined linen high quality men's pants from the Refashion stash.
  • ·         Old green sweater and t-shirt from the closet.

  • ·         Worn crochet covered buttons were replaced with mother of pearl buttons..
  • ·         Removed zipper, waistband and interfacing, and belt-loops from pants.
  • ·         Back pockets were trimmed to remove bulk.
  • ·         Resized pants by taking in on side seams. This moved back pockets off-center. This was             covered by the untucked shirts
  • ·         Waistband was replaced and elastic inserted.
  • ·         The new pull on, elastic waist, lined linen pants are versitle.
  • ·         The sweater is a bit "outdated." I am considering black dye & lace ruffle on the hem.

 AFTER: This Refashion is more about possibilities than style. Mens pants are full of potential for Refashion. And often made of good fabrics.

After: Set

Lined Linen Pants

Trimed bulk
from back pocket


Zipper removed

Pearl Buttons

Pearl Buttons


jennifer elliott said...

Lovely job.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Nice job resizing the pants. I like the sweater, post a picture if you dye it black, I would love to see it.

Olivia Alexander said...

Loved your blog page!!!The stuff that you have remarked up here is superbly wonderful and I vigorously thank you for the same...