Saturday, October 29, 2016

#19 Back to School: Olive Shirt updated with Lace

*I pledge not to buy new RTW or thrifted for my after retirement "Back to School" wardrobe.
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

Green suede feel shirt from the closet. Years ago, I removed the collar and wore it with turtlenecks and chinos. It was a favorite on Fridays in the office at University. 

STEPS: Stash Lace Again!!!
•  Hand basted and machine stitched the green lace from the stash.

•   A simple change! I wore it today with another favorite. The green t shirt and shirt were long ago refashioned into a t-shirt dress.


Since I am only shopping the closet I am finding new combos for some of the old favorites. 

AFTER: Worn today
as a shirt-jacket
over a
favorite refashioned long ago

AFTER: A new combo over this t-shirt &
 denim skirt refashioned
into a loose dress.

AFTER: Lace adds a lift
to a much worn combo.
Turtlenecks and green overshirt. 

AFTER: Dark Olive Shirt with  New lace.

Dark Olive

An old favortie
with collar removed years ago.

1 comment:

Chickie Walsh said...

I really like the trim, sometimes black can be a bit plain. Nice choice with the lace.
Chickie EOD