Saturday, October 08, 2016

REFASHION: adding color and a button

I weeded out some old shirts from my packed closet, and I found two identical blue shirts. I don't remember buying them, but I'm pretty sure the price had to be super low if I bought two. Nothing was wrong with the shirts -- lovely blue color and my favorite V-neckline -- but I didn't wear them too much.

What I did:
  • cut the scarf in half and created a two-layer triangle
  • made a straight cut halfway up the back of the shirt
  • inserted triangle into the open space of the shirt
  • created a bow with colorful border from the scarf
  • threw away the bow because I didn't like it
  • sewed a red button at the top of the triangle insert

For more pictures, details, and other DIY projects, click here.

Until next time -- Jennifer Elliott


Chickie Walsh said...

I love the colors put together, and the button is a great touch. Very cute.
Chickie EOD

Veronica Porter said...

I like this grey t shirt with a yellow scarf, nice match~ But I think it's too blank on the front, maybe can print pattern or the text from imprints-tshirt.