Tuesday, November 01, 2016

#22 Back to School: Slip added to Denim Skirt

*I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my "Back to School" wardrobe.
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

·      Denim Skirt from the closet. 
·      1st refashion MANY years ago was to remove zipper & darts. Added yoga style waistband.
·     This was a great go-to and the denim went with anything year round.
       Too small black slip from the closet. Was shortened years ago with a mid-length seam. 

-- 6 am hunts for the right slip.

STEPS: No changes to the skirt.
•         Cut off the length of the slip where the old seam had shortened it.
•         Use the cut off section to piece a front panel to enlarge the slip.
•         Remove the elastic, Serge all edges.
•         Hand stitch into the waistband of the denim skirt.

•         The short slip is perfect. The denim is thick and not see through.
•         The slip makes on/off and up/down movement of the skirt much smoother.

•         No more digging for a slip.

Denim skirt updated w slip
1st re-fashion- add yoga band
Short slip added, no more 6 am hunts

1st re-fashion:
Yoga band

 Short slip added
Skirt is not see through
Slip adds ease of movement to the denim fabric
Older too small slip

Slip had already been shortened
with an added seam-line


Amy Jo said...

What a good idea! It never crossed my mind to wear a slip under denim, but I can imagine how much it would increase the comfort of the skirt.

Chickie Walsh said...

Very clever and handy to sew it in. Nice one!

cfortin said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab