Wednesday, November 02, 2016

#23 Back to School: Updated Stars with Lace

·      I plan to catch up with posting October Re-fashions during November. 
This is #23 for my “Back to School Wardrobe”.

·         Vest from the closet. I first wore it in early Elementary teaching days, many years ago.
 Applique like these stars was very popular.  The vest was hand-made and hand appliqued.
 Now, Rust Blanket stitching was dated and worn.

·      Remove rust blanket stitching.
·     Hand baste and machine stitch navy lace trim from the stash.

•   The updated vest is versatile with jeans, khakis, denim skirts.
It will pair with turtlenecks. 


I had given up on this vest and thought that it was time to let go. 
The popularity of lace at the school and the lace stash gave it a new life. 

AFTER: Red is rusty.
Lace updates it to go with denims & chinos.
AFTER: New lace trim.
In Progress:
Old rust stitching is worn.
New Lace on the arm-holes.

Worn rusty blanket stitch

Worn blanket stitch

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jennifer elliott said...

Thanks for sharing a great refashion!

Jennifer EOD