Monday, November 28, 2016

#26 Back to School: Green Cotton Dress with Slip Added

This is #26 for my after retirement “Back to Elementary School Wardrobe”.

My goal is 10 Re-fashions per month during this school year.. It is November and I am working on my October goal. I hope to catch up during winter break. 

1st Re-fashion years ago was to combine t-shirt and denim skirt into a loose fitting dress. 
This is similar to a version with a similar t-shirt and linen skirt posted last year.
Black too small slip with worb elastic from the stash. 

PROBLEM: 6 AM search for the right slip was not fun.

STEPS: Remove worn elastic from slip. Serge top edge. Add lace panel to slip front to enlarge. On the similar dress, a scarf was inserted to repair worn skirt lining.
Baste and stitch the slip into waist of dress. 

AFTER: An easy go to for school day mornings.

Many teachers and staff wear jeans, so this denim skirt/dress fits right in.

1st Re-fashion was to combine denim skirt and loose fit t-shirt,
2nd Re-fashion was to add a too small slip as a lining.

Top-stitching joins top & skirt.

1st Re-fashion skirt & top unlined.

2nd Re-fashion added black slip.


Chickie Walsh said...

That is a nice dress and I like the idea of adding a slip. I hate wearing slips that dont stay put. This is a great solution.

cfortin said...

I hate slips too. But I love this idea. Thanks.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab