Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#29 Back to School Wardrobe: Christmas Sweater Buttoned Up

My self-challenge is PROJECT: “Back to Elementary School Wardrobe”

Project Goal #1: 10 Re-fashions per month beginning August when I returned to teaching.   
Goal #2: Shop from the closet. No new / used clothing for this school year.
Goal #3: Shop from the sewing stash for Re-fashion materials.

BEFORE: Holiday sweater from the stash. Worn for many years during college teaching holidays.
Large red buttons from the stash. Perfect for this project.

PROBLEM: This sweater might qualify as an Ugly Christmas sweater. Knit baubles were worn and dated. There were at least 30 of them on the sleeves, front, and back.

STEPS:   Clip the baubles and hand stitch the bauble holes closed. Stitch large red buttons on the front and back yolks. Left the sleeves without buttons. Left the original navy buttons on the front.

AFTER: Updated winter holiday sweater for layering on cold school days. 
Large red buttons replace red baubles.
Sleeve baubles removed; holes tacked closed

AFTER: Red buttons added.

AFTER: Red buttons added.


Worn red baubles 

BEFORE: Red knit baubles


Chickie Walsh said...

Nice update on this sweater, it looks new again.

whatthesew said...

Your posts are an inspiration. I am thinking of taking one of those 'no new clothes' type pledges myself.

cfortin said...

Fun idea to use buttons. Nice save.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab