Sunday, December 18, 2016

#30 for my Back to School Wardrobe: Black Cami with Lace Insert

My self-challenge is PROJECT: “Back to Elementary School Wardrobe”
Project Goal #1: 10 Re-fashions each month beginning August when I returned to teaching.  
Goal #2: Shop from the closet. No new / used clothing for this school year.
Goal #3: Shop from the sewing stash for Re-fashion materials.

PROBLEM: My new school is very cold and drafty. Thermostats are centrally controlled and we cannot adjust them. I need a weeks woth of camis under sweaters to keep the body core warm. BUT, I pledged to shop only the closet and stash this year. 

BEFORE: Too small black stretch cami from the closet. This was a body former type and I could not breath. Black stretch top from the re-fashion stash.

STEPS: Pull the side seam threads to open the sides. Insert lace panels cut from the stash top.

AFTER:  A perfect fit cami to wear under sweaters on cold school days. 

lace insert in stretch cami

Cami with lace insert

Too small body former
cami from the closet

Lace t- from the re-fashion stash


whatthesew said...

I like your 'no new clothes' philosophy, I bet we all have plenty already. Refashioning is enjoyable and creative.

RanchHouse said...

Whatthesew. Yes I have far to many clothes. And much to much sewing and refashion stash.

Carissa said...

The lace inserts are a brilliant idea. Great job!


Chickie Walsh said...

I love this one. Your "No Shopping" idea is great. It pushes the creativity.