Saturday, December 31, 2016

#36 Back to School Wardrobe: Grey Vest from Blazer

REFLECTIONS: This grey vest is for the Jan/Feb school wardrobe.
This is #2 of pre-retirement grey blazers / suit jackets re-fashioned into school days vests
to wear with winter pants and jeans. This is my first education job where jeans can be worn daily.

BEFORE: Much worn and now too small pre-retirement jacket from the closet.
Moths and wear left bare spots in the sleeves. Lining was ok.
Years ago shoulder pads were removed and oversized collar was trimmed down.

STEPS: This jacket will become an easy to wear vest.  
  • Use a seam ripper to remove and open the jacket sleeves and side seams.
  • Serge exposed seams to prevent additional fraying.
  • Use sleeves and sleeve lining to cut side inserts to enlarge the sides.
  • Trim shoulder seam to fit narrow shoulders. Slowly 1/4" at a time, trying on for fit.
  • Cut and insert bias armhole trim from the silk tie.
  • Hand stitch trim fron the stash, Machine stitching did not lay flat and gathered jacket fabric..
  • Change buttons found in the stash.

  AFTER:  Easy wear vest for a variety of grey, pink, black, white, purple tone turtlenecks. 
AFTER: Vest with top worn with original blazer.
Shoulders were trimmed back to fit narrow shoulders.
Pinterest search shows some vests shoulders trimmed very narrow. 

Handstitched stash trim was worth the time.

New button from the stash.
Note: true collers are dark grey and black
Bias trim cut from stash tie.

Auditioning trim.
Original double breasted buttons.

Much worn: Pre-retirement blazer from the closet.


Chickie Walsh said...

You are really getting a lot of "new" clothes from your old clothes. I love it. This jacket to vest is great. That black trim is really cute. t is a nice contrast on the gray. Very nice.
Chickie EOD

Heidi said...

I like the contrasting trim as well. It "kicks it up a notch".

RanchHouse said...

Chickie and Heidi, Thanks on the trim comments. I hoped it was good.
This no shopping for a year has really pushed me to re-fashion items I would not wear. I am really benefiting.

whatthesew said...

I think this is my favourite of your jacket transformations, its the trim that clinches it.

Amy Jo said...

That trim makes a huge difference. I really like the contrast!