Monday, December 19, 2016

#31 Back to School: Black Lace Cami with Solid Insert

This is #31 for my self-challenge PROJECT: “Back to Elementary School Wardrobe”
Goal #1: 10 Re-fashions each month beginning August when I returned to teaching.  
Goal #2: Shop from the closet. No new / used clothing for this school year.
Goal #3: Shop from the sewing stash for Re-fashion materials.

This is #2 cami refashion. My new school is very cold. Teachers cannot adjust room thermostats.
I need a weeks’ worth of camis to wear under sweaters to hold core body heat. 

BEFORE: Black lace stretch t-shirt and a 2nd stretch t- from the re-fashion stash.  

PROBLEM: This lace t- was too small.

STEPS: Pull the side seam threads to open the sides of the lace t. Insert solid panels cut from the solid stash top. Leave the sleeve seams and searge an inch away from the seam. Turn this under to create a facing for the now sleeveless arm opening. 

AFTER:  A perfect fit cami to layer under turtleneckss and sweaters on cold school days. 

Similar to my last cami refashion

Lace cami to layer under sweaters.
Dress form is small,
but cami is perfect fit on me.

After: Solid inset

Lace cami with solid sides.

Small Lace t- from the stash.


Chickie Walsh said...

What a great fix for a needed cami. Staples can get over looked, this is really pretty.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks. It helped me stay warm while running errands in the cold today. Better yet it was fun to see how pretty it was when changing for bed.

jennifer elliott said...

Great job. All these refashions must be keeping you busy!!!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD