Sunday, December 04, 2016

Jogger pants from straight-legged sweats

So I learned not too long ago that it's trendy to wear your workout clothes as your regular clothes and call it "athleisure." I decided to jump on the bandwagon (the thrifty way) and make an old pair of sweat pants into one of the trendiest athleisure garments—joggers!

It was a simple matter of cutting off the bottom few inches, tapering the leg, and then reattaching the bottom few inches as an ersatz cuff. Because the "cuff" is not ribbed or elasticized, it's a bit tricky to pull it on over my foot, but other than that, my new joggers do a fairly good job.



A few more pictures and details about the process can be found on my full blog post.

Stay sporty, my friends!

--The Unfashionista


Carissa said...

Nice! I have an old pair of sweat pants that I was thinking of doing this same thing with. Yours turned out great!


Unknown said...

love this. i've been planning to do the same with an old pair of workout pants. were yours sweatpants or spandex pants? and do you think it would work with either fabric?