Monday, January 16, 2017

#38 Back to School Wardrobe: Tight Waistband Re-fashioned to Comfy Cords

REFLECTIONS: Tight pant waistbands cut into the tummy and limit movement. Back to Elementary School Wardrobe needs comfy pants. 

BEFORE: Men’s tan cords with big pleats and tight waistband.  Legs were roomy.
Knit bands on maternity and yoga pants inspired this re-fashion.

  • Slowly, carefully use a seam ripper to remove the waistband and belt loops. Discard.
  • Remove zipper, close the seam. 
  • Open darts.
  • Serge waist-edge seams to prevent fraying.
  • Cut wide waistband from a t-shirt. Cut across to keep the stretch. Depending on the need to add crotch depth vary the width.
  • Fold band and baste edges together. Serge edges together leaving an opening for elastic. Pin and stitch in place onto pants waist.
  • Insert wide elastic. Stitch opening closed.
  • Ajust hem. Serge and hem on the machine.

AFTER:  Comy Cords with no waistband to cut into the tummy.
I left these men’s pants larger in the leg to layer thermals on cold days.

AFTER: Elastic waistband.
Comfy Cords like sweats. 

AFTER: Knit band cut from t-shirt

AFTER: Knit band cut from t-shirt

BEFORE: Waistband and pleats were tight.
Legs were roomy.  


jennifer elliott said...

Thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, I have a few pants that are too small and creating an elastic waistband seems like a good idea.

Jennifer EOD

RanchHouse said...

Jennifer, You will be amazed at how much room you gain just from releasing the pleats.Even the small pleats above the back poclets make a difference. Also with the button gone there is no more of that to poke.

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