Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year from an Upcycled Faerie

upcycled boho faerie dress at

Thanks for accepting me to the group and wanted to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and thought my boho faerie dress would be a good first post as it has a bit of a wintry vibe.

The main donor garments for this creation were a petticoat lining (saved from another project) and a silk kaftan which makes up the main overskirt.

donor garments upcycled boho faerie dress at

I cut approx. 3 layers of petticoat, which included net and tulle saved from other prom dress upcycle projects, gathered and stitched them to the underdress and then layered the fine kaftan chiffon over these.  The layers were cut into ragged ribbons to give the dress movement.

silk overskirt detail upcycled boho faerie dress at

Then I stitched on a flower I had made from some vintage lace and leaves cut from a velvet shirt onto the bodice to give detail.  I even used odd ribbons which I saved from my overlocker trims to add some more colour to the floral applique.

I had a couple of glittered butterflies left over from a Christmas faerie project so clipped those on too!

upcycled boho faerie dress at

This was a really fun project and I was able to use up some beads and sequins from my stash.  It would be easy to adapt for a child's faerie costume too!  Took approx. 3 hours to complete.

I love vintage textiles and fashion, upcycling and sewing and have a blog over at if you have time to stop by.  Happy sewing everyone!


RanchHouse said...

Welcome. Thanks for sharing this re-fashion. Just wearing it would assure a fun time.

jennifer elliott said...

Welcome to the community! I love your first post! It will definitely make a great costume for an awesome party!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

brocobelle said...

Thanks everyone, this dress was a bit more whimsical than my usual stitching projects but I thought it was fun for New Year!