Sunday, February 05, 2017

#40 Back to School Wardrobe: Downsizing Jeans

REFLECTIONS: Re-fashioning is all about learning new skills. Our local Liz Claiborne closed, I bought a lot of too large pants for under $1 each. Learning to down-size those and other too large pants is a current needed skill.

BEFORE: Too large jeans from the Re-fashion stash. My goal was to down-size without removing and replacing the waistband.

  • Use a seam ripper to remove belt loops. Remove top stitching from leg seams. Open hem.
  • Use heavy duty rose pruners to remove grommets.
  • Stitch 5/8 seam line full length on inseam to remove baggy seat and to tighten leg seam. Run 5/8 seam line full length on outer seam just to bottom of pocket. Serge both seams.
  • TIP: Run small seams. Try on. Adjust gradually as needed.
  • Serge hem edge / stitch.
  • Clip opening in inside back waistband, Run wide elastic to tighten waist. Stitch ends in place,

 AFTER:  Still comfy, but not so baggy jeans for the Jan/Feb Back to School wardrobe. Not skinny jeans, definitely Grandma Jeans.  Perfect for this Grandma. 

 Ready to wear down-sized Grandma jeans

AFTER: Elastic added to back waist.
Removing pocket topstitching. 

Adding elastic.

Adding elastic.

Adding elastic

Remove grommets as needed

Stitch /serge inseam to remove baggy seat

Stitch and serge outer seam from hem to pocket bottom


BEFORE: Baggy legs.


Chickie Walsh said...

Great job on those jeans. And what a bargain you got too. Love it.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Chickie. I love your skinny pants. But, this Grandma needs her loose fit for comfort.

jennifer elliott said...

Lovely job. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD