Monday, February 20, 2017

#43 Back to School Wardrobe: Pendleton Blazer to Red Plaid Vest

BEFORE: Red plaid Pendleton wool jacket from the pre-retirement wardrobe. This was a beautiful jacket, but not worn much. The cut was restrictive and uncomfortable for office work or driving. 

  • Use a seam ripper to remove sleeves and sleeve linings.
  • Cut and insert panels to widen new vest sides.
  • Cut armhole facings from an old t-shirt. The stretch is perfect for curved edges,
  • Replace original hem tape with lace from the stash.

AFTER:  Red plaid vest to wear with black, red, white and even with denims. Dress it up or down.

AFTER: New vest to dress up or down.
Wear with black, white, red, denim

After: New vest

After: Matched plaids

T-shirt strip cut for armhole facing

T-shirt used to cut armhole facings. 

Stash lace replaces old hem tape

Nice but seldom worn Pendleton Jacket

Before: Very nice, but seldom worn
from pre-retirement wardrobe


Chickie Walsh said...

What a great job you did on the vest matching the plaids. It looks like it was made that way.

Maria said...

I really like this transformation! I have a lot of old, classic blazers that could be re-made this way & worn again. Thanks!

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Marie, Each varies in its possibilities. This one has a welt pocket that I left in but cut a bit shorter in the change. It also had an inset in place on the side. I removed it and cut it larger from the sleeve. Jackets with an inset in place are a bit trickier than the standard side seam.