Saturday, February 25, 2017

#44 Back to School Wardrobe: Snug Thermal to Sleeveless Lounge Top

REFLECTIONS: Old thick cottom thermals are a favorite RanchHouse at home lounge and sleep wear. Before thinner "silkies" I wore them under winter clothing. In the 70's one co-teacher raised her skirt to show thick cotton thermals under her long skirt and boots. 

BEFORE: Too snug thermal top in RanchHouse at home loungewear. 

  • Use a seam ripper to open sleeves/side seams.
  • Leave sleeve in. Cut sleeve 1 “ down from the sleeve seam. Serge / turn to create the new facing. Topstitch in place.
  • Cut new side inserts from old sleeves. Insert, serge, topstitch in place.
  • Add lace to bottom edge.

AFTER:  Sleeveless thermal to warm up RanchHouse at home flannels. 

Sleeveless thermal under flannels

Sleeveless thermal

Lace added

Side panel cut from sleeves added to enlarge.

BEFORE: Snug thermal from RanchHouse loungewear


Chickie Walsh said...

That is very cute and it looks very snuggly and warm too. I love it.
Chickie EOD

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Chickie. It is so good to have Refashion Co-op support during this no shopping year. 7 months and no shopping.

Chickie Walsh said...

My daughter and I tried to go a year without shopping. We hit a lot of clothes swaps and saved tons of money.
You are doing great.

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

Such a smart idea!