Saturday, March 04, 2017

#46 Back to School Wardrobe: Purple Chico Jacket to Spring Vest

  • Winter Core Wardrobe included items in the closet and Re-fash Stash. Core included Grey/Black with Pinks, Wines, Greens.
  • Spring Core Wardrobe will include Spring Colors and transition fabrics.
  • Too small purple Chico’s cordless corduroy jacket from the Re-Fashion stash.  Probably from Goodwill by the pound. 
  • Versatile color and weight for the Spring wardrobe.  
  • Seam rip to remove sleeves and open side seams.
  • Serge all seams.
  • Cut / insert panel cut from sleeves into the side of the vest. Press / topstitch panel seams.
  • Use old t-shirt to cut facings for armholes. Cut facings across the shirt. There is enough stretch. Cut on the bias might be too much stretch.
AFTER: Versatile vest for the Spring Wardrobe.

AFTER: Versatle Cordless Corduroy

AFTER: Button or not. 

AFTER: Good Spring Transition Vest

Original Sleeve cut to enlarge side. 

Topstitch to hold facing in place, 

Facing strip strip cut from t-shirt.

BEFORE: Too small Chico's jacket 


Chickie Walsh said...

What a great shade of purple. Very pretty, and very clever.
Chickie EOD

David Smith said...

Very good website. I liked it very much.

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