Thursday, March 09, 2017

#47 Back to School Wardrobe: Ruined Hoodie to Spring Lounge Shirt

REFLECTIONS:  I have always mended husbands Ranch work clothes. My no shopping pledge means that they are up for Re-fashion.

Ruined RanchHouse clothes:
  • give permission to experiment and to learn new skills
  • sometimes turn out better than Ranch work clothes.
BEFORE: Ruined hoodie sweatshirt:
  • from husbands well-worn Ranch clothes
  • looked like the barbed wire fence won
  • Remove the ruined with holes hood, waist band, cuffs
  • Cut down the neckline to remove holes in sweatshirt neck
  • Add new waistband pieced from the ruined hood
  • Add new neckband from the ruined waistband
  • Turn and topstitch new sleeve hems.
  • Grey ¾ sleeve sweatshirt for Spring loungewear. 
  • Not sure RanchHouse husband is getting this one back! 
AFTER: 3/4 sleeve lounge sweat
without hoodie. He might not get this back. 

AFTER: Lounge worthy top

New hem cut from ruined hood

New neck cut from ruined waistband

BEFORE: Hood / cuffs removed

BEFORE: Holes throughout

Mending RanchHouse work clothes


Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, the new shirt has such a cool modern look to it. The lines are so simple and attractive. Keep it for yourself for sure.

Saga said...

I agree, it has such modern lines to it. A great idea for those worn out sweatshirts.

Stine, EOD

RanchHouse said...

As expected I wore it last night. So comfy for Spring transition. Spring break is here so lots of Re-fash time. I have my eye on more of his worn sweats...