Thursday, March 16, 2017

#53 Back to School Wardrobe: Black Pullover to Spring Cardigan

REFLECTIONS: This is #6 of 10 for my Spring Break goal.
  • After Spring Break, there are 9 weeks of school till summer.
  • Warmer weather means a change in the School Days Wardrobe.

BEFORE: Black ribbed pullover in a tight stretch knit, Almost a ribbed velour
  • From the closet. Fit, but uncomfortable due to the limited stretch

STEPS: Create Open Front Cardigan
  • Cut up the middle front
  • On the outside attach black grosgrain ribbon and turn to inside. Topstitch.
  • When tried on, it looked ok. Due to the tight knit, it did not pull together in front.
  • I wanted a looser fit.
  • So, I cut side panels from stash t-shirt. Insert and serge.

TIP: Adapted from Makery refashion: sweater to kimono cardi

AFTER: Black cardigan for School Days.
  • North Texas mornings are cool. My classroom has limited temperature control and can be cool.
  • After school temps can be very warm. Cardigans are handy.
    AFTER: Cardigan


    AFTER: Turtleneck folded down

    Grograin ribbon turned inside
    AFTER: Side panel inserted
    due to tight knit of  new cardigan
    BEFORE: T-shirt cut for fabric strips
    Cardigan before are lost

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Chickie Walsh said...

This is such as good idea,loving this fix for a too small cardigan.
Chickie EOD