Friday, March 17, 2017

#54 Back to School Wardrobe: Black Stripe Adjusted Neckline Gap

REFLECTIONS: This is #7 of 10 for my Spring Break goal.
  • A favorite children’s book says, "If you give a Mouse a cookie, then he will want a glass of milk."
  • Yesterday, I Re-fashioned a black cardigan. Then I wanted a short sleeve t-shirt to wear under it.

BEFORE:In the closet, purchased before my year of no shopping. Never worn, too large.
  • The neckline gaped, but, but I wanted to keep the full body size for a loose tunic style.

  • Insert thin elastic into the neckline binding.
  • Keep the original stitching.  Only remove the outside topstitching
  • Clip a small hole on the inside of the binding. Thread thin elastic, adjust, tack in place.

TIP: Chickie shared this on her St. Paddy’s post.

AFTER: Black stripe t-shirt to wear under my new black cardi, for School Days.
  • The elastic drew in the neckline just enough to loose the gap. 
  • This also pulled up the sleeve / shoulder seam enough to make the t- fit in the shoulder. 
  • The larger size in the body looks tunic style. 

AFTER: Just enough elastic
gathered to remove neck gap

Works with Re-fashioned cardigan

BEFORE: Neckline gap


Heidi said...

I LOVE the analogy!!! I love the shirt too! Great job!

Chickie Walsh said...

I love it. I am going to try this on a neckline. It's great. And the storybook reference was great too.
Chickie EOD