Saturday, March 18, 2017

#55 Back to School Wardrobe: Black Jacket with Shorter Sleeves

REFLECTIONS: This is #8 of 10 for my Spring Break goal.
  • Continuing a favorite children’s book, "If you give a Mouse a cookie, then he will want a glass of milk. And then, he will want a straw."
  • One day, I Re-fashioned a black cardigan. Then I adjusted a black/white t-shirt to wear under it. And today, I finished a short sleeve jacket to wear with the t-shirt in warmer weather.
BEFORE: Black Jacket from the closet.
  • Cuff opening in ¾ length sleeve limited arm movement. My elbow poked out the cuff opening.
  • Elastic stitched into waist area pulled the jacket askew.
  • Carefully unstitch elastic.
  • Carefully seam rip the cuff off.
  • Serge the sleeve edge, turn and hem.
AFTER: Black short sleeve jacket for Spring transition wear.
AFTER: Elastic waist removed
3/4 length sleeve shortened
Cuff removed

AFTER: with yesterdays t-shirt

AFTER: New shorter sleeve

AFTER: Natural drape without elastic

AFTER: sleeve without cuff

BEFORE: Awkward Cuff

BEFORE: Elastic pulled 

BEFORE: Award elastic casing

BEFORE: Elastic


Chickie Walsh said...

Wow RanchHouse, you are really getting things done. I love this jacket. I can see how the cuffs and waist could be restrictive but it is still so cute with them removed/changed. I hope spring comes soon so you can wear this asap.
Chickie EOD

Heidi said...

Great work! I would say now it just needs a vest but you already have that cool one you refashioned from the Coldwater Creek jacket. The floral and stripes would go nicely!