Sunday, March 19, 2017

#56 Back to School Wardrobe: Black Lounge Cami

REFLECTIONS: This is #9 of 10 for my Spring Break goal.
  • At-home Loungewear is one of my favorite Re-fashions.
  • It is forgiving in technique, style, materials. 
BEFORE: Black spandex cami with under-wires.
  • From the closet, very well made, but it was never comfortable.                    
  • Under-wires were already removed. This left a light bra shape.
  • Open side seams.
  • Insert heavy lace knit panels cut from the sleeves of an earlier project. Serge, topstitch.
  • Panels were tapered to prevent underarm gaps.
AFTER: Black At-home Loungewear Cami with original light bra shape.
  • Love these to wear under loungewear and sleepwear to warm the core during cold weather. 

AFTER: Cami- Light Bra shape 
is comfortable for lounging

AFTER: Heavy Stretch Lace Insert

AFTER: Lace Insert

BEFORE: Uncomfortable Spandex Cami
BEFORE: Heavy stretch lace
from another project


Chickie Walsh said...

Great idea, I love these Cami tops too.

cfortin said...

I am impressed by all the refashion you get done. Nice job.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab