Saturday, March 25, 2017

#59 Back to School Wardrobe: Laura Ashley Jacket to Spring Best Vest

REFLECTIONS:  I love to thrift!!!
  • My goal is not buy any thrifted or new clothes for this school year.
  • Ya'll are posting great inspirations tempting me to thrift. 
  • Spring and change of season are tempting me to thrift.
  • Eight months down. I can do this !!! Back to the stash!!!
BEFORE: Thrifted Laura Ashley jacket, a pricey label I like.
  • In the Re-fashion Stash
  • Brocade fabric, lining, and workmanship are higher end than I like to pay for new.
  • I serged seams when first opened. This step stabilized fabrics while reassembling. And helped keep slippery lining fabric from crawling away.
  • Remove sleeves. Cut side insert to enlarge vest and lining.
  • This was a tiny petite, so not much trimming in armcycle for my narrow shoulders.  
  • Drop arm seam 1/2” to make room for layering. And to make it less like a jacket with no sleeve, but more vest-like.
  • Cut facing from t-shirt scraps.
AFTER: Best Vest for Spring Special Occasions.
  • Reserved for wear for graduations, Easter, etc.
  • Can dress up or down. 
AFTER: Best Vest for Spring

Light Weight Brocade
Dress up or Down

Large on small dress form

AFTER: With side insert

Light Weight t-shirt facing

Serge in the beginng to stabilize

Serge to stabilize slippery lining
Quality, light weight brocade
Love quality in this this Brand

BEFORE: Thrifted. Small petite.


whatthesew said...

The fabric and colours are good on this vest. Stick to your no buy resolve, you can still sew.

Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, that fabric is gorgeous. This vest looks so pretty, great one.
Chickie EOD