Thursday, March 02, 2017

It's tunic time...part three!

Tunic number three in my series was made from a t-shirt and skirt.  I liked the black and cream combination of the printed t-shirt and the gingham skirt.

I started by cutting off the lower section of the skirt.  The remaining skirt (not pictured) was long enough that I able to hem it and still use this refashion was a two-fer!

With the skirt scraps, I cut a "shirt tail" piece and attached it 
to the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

I cut a Peter Pan collar and added it to the neckline.  I also added a faux button placket and a couple of buttons to the front.

I paired it with a black pencil skirt, boots, and wool jacket.

You can find more tunics by visiting my blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!


Therese said...

great idea, looks lovely!

Catherine1216 said...

You are such a good seamstress.

Donna said...

I have a button-down white blouse that is a bit short. I've been thinking of remaking it to appear that there is a layer underneath it. Thanks for giving me the courage to maybe give it a try!

Chickie Walsh said...

This is such a great use of different fabrics together. It came out so nice, it looks great on you.
Chickie EOD