Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Small Fixes

Hello Refashion Co-op. I found this great houndstooth skirt at a clothes swap. It looked like new except for a few snagged threads.

Small fix #1: This weave is a little loose and I can see how it could snag on things easily. I gently pulled the threads through to the inside and that repaired the outside of the skirt. 

Small Fix #2: It was a little bit big so I had to size it down. This skirt had a side zipper so I altered the other side. This idea is just like what Saga did in her recent refashion project- Simple Skirt Refashion.

I was really concerned about this fabric fraying so I used bias tape to cover the new seam. The black bias tape will be inside so no one will know but me. .....and you guys. That was Small Fix #2.

Small Fix 3: I have had this denim shirt for ages. It is soft and broken in and I love it but the front doesn't lay flat. It gapes open between the second and third button. This always happens to me with button down shirts, the only fix for me is a few stitches over the existing seam. It is permanently closed and I have to pull it over my head but that's OK. 

Alright then, all the small fixes were easy and made these clothes more wearable.

Thanks for reading!


Amy Jo said...

I always have to sew down my button down shirts too! Seems like a design flaw for a woman's body!

g.satansbraten said...

I admire your willingness to suffer the overhead pull of your 'fixed' button down shirts.
Since in my climate simple button downs are at times turning into lightweight jackets, it would definitely not be an option for me.
My own 'fix attempt' with the like is usually a press stud. To avoid its visibility when 'working as jacket', I have the one end not sewn on to the official 'button line' (= sorry; for incorrect word), I rather do this to a tiny bit of simple ribbon roll material (fixed as invisible as possible to a close by existing seem), which I can fold back or down and arrest with another (as invisible as possible) fixed stud to invisibility.
Whatever your decision: your life, your way. At least you're still looking good!

With the torn thread you could (if necessary on highly visible parts) use the catch method as follows:
with a plain hand sewing needle with a single strand from underneath to the top. There you go down the same stitch you came from whilst building a loop inbetween in which you catch the loose threat of the 'to be fixed' material. Gently pull down and fix underneath = Bingo.
Loving greetings, Gerlinde

cfortin said...

Great fixes. I will have to try the shirt fix. I hate ironing and sometimes that doesn't even do the trick.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab

Marisa Glied said...

Simply beautiful!!


Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.

g.satansbraten said...

@ Chickie Walsh:
thanks for even noticing us AND saying 'thanks' = 'thanks for having us' :-D !

RanchHouse said...

Love the houndstooth. I remember a blue and white houndstooth backed with nylon straight skirt. They were fused together. My mother made it. It was high school in the 60s. I thought it was so classy.