Saturday, April 01, 2017

#60 Back to School Wardrobe: Resize Too Big Pants with One-seam Pattern

GOAL: Learn to resize too large pants. I want function, not style in these pants.
Looking for a tried and true (TNT) method.
Methods Tried: 
  1. Turn  inside out, put on, pin new seams.
  2. Trial and error, taking them up a little at a time and trying on again and again.
This time, I tried a one seam pants pattern:
  • Used the original pants like fabric. 
  • Used Sandra Betzini "No Time to Sew" one seam pants pattern to recut pants
  • Saved original pants pocket by leaving side seam alone. 
BEFORE: Too big pants
  • In the Re-fashion Stash from local Liz Claiborne outlet closing.
  • Seam Rip: Remove waistband / zipper. Open crotch seams / inside legs
  • Leave side seams / pockets in place. 
  • Serge all edges.
  • Sew pant like regular pull on pants. 
  • Discard original waistband: bulky, hard to restitch. 
  • Add waistband cut from t-shirt. Insert elastic. 
  • Machine stitch new hem.
AFTER: Elastic Waist Pull On Pants.  
  • Fast pants re-sizing
  • Fit was good. Not made for style and often called mom-pants.
  • Functional, worn with pull over tops. 
AFTER: Elastic Waist Pull Ons
Goal was function, not style

Change in size is not visible. 
This post is to share the
one-seam pattern. 

Elastic Waist cut from t-Shirt

Betzini Pattern in book

Pattern  Instruction in Betzini book 

Betzini One Seam
Slim Leg Pants

One Seam Pattern
One Seam
Full Pants or Slim Pants

Rose Clippers remove brad
 in stitching line

One seam pattern on original pants

Recut with one seam pattern

BEFORE: Too large pants
BEFORE: Too large pants

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Chickie Walsh said...

Great way to make those pants perfect for you. One seam sounds good too. Very nice!
Chickie EOD