Sunday, April 30, 2017

Brocade Jacket / Blazer to Dressy Vest

#72 Back to School Wardrobe

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  • 'I, Mary @ RanchHouse, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I endeavour to wear one Re-Fashioned item each day for the duration of May 2017'

Handmade by Carolyn wore ONLY her own handmade /re-fashioned shoes and clothing for an entire year.

BEFORE:. Brocade ¾ sleeve lined jacket.
  • From the re-fashion stash.Thrifted for the brocade fabric.
  • Someone else hand-made and never wore. Too small

  • Seam rip the sleeves.
  • Cut and insert a side gusset from the sleeves and sleeve lining.
  • Cut and attach a sleeve armcyle facing from stash lining.

AFTER: Dressy vest to dress to wear for graduations this Spring.

Some reasons for my many vests:
  • Pre-retirement wardrobe suit jackets/blazers no longer fit life-style.
  • Re-fashion stash has jackets/blazers thrifted for special fabrics.
  • Original items are well made with details like collars, buttons, linings not found in many vests.
  • Vests are easy wear, versitle and dress up or down. 

AFTER: Dressy Vest 


AFTER: Original tab gathers back.
Hangs better on. 

Side enlarged
with sleeve fabric.
AFTER: Sleeveless

BEFORE: Stiff brocade with 3/4 sleeves

BEFORE: Hand made / thrifted

In the Works:
 Tight waist denim cullotes


Chickie Walsh said...

This fabric is gorgeous Ranchhouse! What a pretty vest you made! Nice job.

whatthesew said...

That original jacket looks well made, I wonder why they didn't wear it? I am always drawn to hand made items, can't bear the thought of someone's hard work ending up as rags.

RanchHouse said...

whatthesew The original was very well made with trimmed lining seams and zig zag but not served. The fabric is a brocade upholstery and very stiff. I hand washed and relaxed a little. I think it is a case of too nice to wear. Maybe outgrew. Or not worn due to stiffness. I will definitely appreciate it. I can wear with dress white pants or jeans. And more.

RanchHouse said...

Zig zag but not serged (served)