Friday, April 07, 2017

Cotton / Linen Blend Jacket to Spring Vest

#63 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: Linen is one of my favorite fabrics. Over the years anything linen found in a thrift came home with me.
BEFORE: Very small jacket in a Linen / Cotton Blend. Found in a thrift and now in the re-fashion stash. 
  • Seam Rip: Sleeves, side seams.
  • Cut side insert panels from sleeves and lining.
  • Insert and finish the side panels.
  • Cut 2” strips cut from stash t-shirt. Use as sleeve facing.
AFTER: Spring /Summer vest. Shown with brown turtleneck, but plan to wear with summer favorites.
Cotton / Linen Summer Vest
Dress Form is smaller
Plan to wear with summer whites

Side Insert cut  from sleeves

Self fabric extends t-shirt knit used for facing 

T-shirt knit used for facing.

Topstitching holds facing in place


BEFORE: Small Jacket

Choosing T-shirts to cut for facing strips


Chickie Walsh said...

What pretty fabric! Those are great colors for Spring, I love it.
Chickie EOD

Brooke Wright said...

Hi admin
Its really awesome, that's the blog you admire I liked it.
Many who consider using disposable coverall and protective clothing often pass up on the benefits of these items because they see them as a strain on the environment.
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Brooke Wright