Monday, April 03, 2017

Nylon Workout Pants with 5 zippers to Lounge/Sleep Pants

#62 Back to School Wardrobe:
REFLECTIONS: Many items in the Re-fashion stash have just enough life left to make good Lounge & Sleep Wear.
BEFORE: Loose fit Nylon Warm Ups. From the Re-fashion stash.
  • Needed to loose 5 zippers, 2 leg tabs, 2 false pockets, 1 back pocket to become lounge worthy. 
  • Well worn withpotential for at home wear.
  • Seam Rip: 5 zippers, false pockets and several tabs.
  • Leg band wash already gone. 
  • Cut length to shorten, serge, and hem.
AFTER: Nylon at-home lounge pants. Perfect for Spring weather. 

 Light weight nylon lounge/sleep pants

Remove 5 zippers, tie, 4 tabs, false pockets

5 Zippers limit lounge wear comfort

BEFORE: 5 Zippers

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cfortin said...

Nice solution for more comfort.

Cindy EOD
Upcycle Design Lab