Friday, April 14, 2017

Three Tries to Taper White Cords

#66 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: My goal of no shopping this year encouraged gradual changes to keep these too long boot cut cords in the wardrobe rotation.
  • Hemmed last year, but still too long and too wide in the leg. 
  • Each time I wore them I ran a seam to tighten the boot cut legs. 
  • Did not go to a true slim leg.  
  • Finally a width / length I am comfortable with.
BEFORE: From the closet. 
  • Too long / boot cut white cords. 
  • Have had several years, with limited wear.
  • Open hem enough to run a seam on inside / outside legs. Serge.
  • Repeated several weeks until comfortable with cut / length.
AFTER: Light weight white cords. 
  • My year of shopping the closet forced me to be more creative in wardrobe combinations. 
  • I have worn these cords more this year than before.
AFTER: 3rd trim off boot cut.
Not slim cut. Just right 

for professional school days.

AFTER: 3rd trim off boot cut.  

2nd trim off  boot cut

2nd trim off boot cut

2nd trim off of boot cut

1st trim off  boot cut

1st trim off  boot cut
BEFORE: Start of the year,
After hem from last year. Too long & boot cut.


Chickie Walsh said...

I love white cords/jeans. I have worn things and decided to keep refashioning as I wore them through the day. Sometimes that is the only way to decide if they really fit. The 3rd time was the charm for you. They look great.

Pezalli Creations said...
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Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD