Sunday, April 02, 2017

Small Sweat Pants to Leggings with Band

#61 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: Before Re-fashion Coop, I might have tossed these too small sweats.
  • In my no-shopping year, every Re-fashion counts.
BEFORE: Too small sweats. From the Re-fashion stash.
  • Too small sweats. Fit like leggings, except short in the crotch.
  • Ribbed knit left from another project.
  • Seam Rip: Remove the elastic waist and open the waistband
  • Add modified yoga band with elastic insert.
AFTER: Sweat weight leggings.
  • Great for lounging at home next winter.
AFTER: Sweat weight leggings
for at home lounging

Crotch depth added with
opened waistband and added band

Crotch lengthened with
added heavy ribbed knit band

BEFORE: Tight waist /short crotch

BEFORE: Tight folded over waist
Short Crotch


Chickie Walsh said...

I must have missed this when I read through the posts yesterday. I can't believe I missed it because I am all about leggings for lounging at home. These look so cozy and comfortable. I think the new waistband looks really well done. Very Nice!
Chickie EOD

RanchHouse said...

Your recent leggings post inspired me to follow through with these too small sweats that have been in the stash for some time. It is warm enough here that these sweats / leggings will be packed up ready for next fall.

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