Friday, April 07, 2017

The Longer Spring Shirt

I like longsleeved shirts. And I like short sleeves. But I hate 3/4 sleeves, that always leaves me feeling cold on the naked part of my arms. So something had to be done about this shirt - which was also way too long for me.
(By the way: Did you notice that just a few days ago Chickie posted a refashion, where she shortened a green and blue sweater to 3/4 length. Maybe we should have just swapped, LOL).

I got the inspiration from this picture. If you can use a contrasting fabric for most of the sleeves, why not do it on just the lower part of the sleeves. And so I got to it.
I found a suitable fabric in this too small black ribbed cardigan.

I measured how much was missing from the green-and-black shirt to reach full length, added seam allowance and a few centimeters more (as I like my shirts long). And cut that from the sleeves to use.
I added the sleeve bit to the shirt and shortened the shirt to a fitting length for me.

Now I can use the shirt nad not be cold. And I think that the sleeve "cuff" its a cool detail.

It can be styled in different ways: Black part scrunched, striped part scrunched at the elbow, or pulled over the hands.

(I am sorry the photos are so hazy. I don't know what my camera was up to).
Blogpost with more photos and details:

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Chickie Walsh said...

This top looks great on you. Maybe we should have swapped. haha
Nice job on this one.
Chickie EOD