Thursday, April 06, 2017

Easter Kimono

We're getting close to Easter (My favorite Holiday!). And I was looking through all my refashions through the years that I've done specifically for Easter.

This Kimono was a favorite and also a knock off from Leanne Barlow. 

It's a very easy tutorial to follow and I definitely recommend it if you're Pattern-challenged like myself :)

Click here to see my tutorial (of Leanne's Tutorial...)  :)

Happy Almost Easter.



Marisa Glied said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!! What a great transformation from an ugly dress! You are amazing! Happy Easter!!


Saga said...

I would have never thought, looking at that dress, taht it had any potential at all. But it looks really good as a kimono. You have a great eye for the possibilities of a fabric.

/Stine - EOD