Monday, April 10, 2017

Too Small Suit Jacket to Yellow Spring Vest

#65 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: Some items in my Re-fashion stash are reminders of Dynasty and Dallas. 
  • Shoulder pads and bling buttons,
BEFORE: Too small yellow suit jacket.
  •  Poly / linen blend. From the re-fashion stash. From a thrift.
  • Remove Dallas / Dynasty shoulder pads / bling buttons.
  • Seam Rip: Remove sleeve & sleeve lining. Open side seam.  
  • Cut side insert panels from sleeves & lining.
  • Insert and finish the side panels to enlarge the small jacket.
  • Replace buttons from the stash.
AFTER: Light weight spring vest.
AFTER: Linen/Poly Blend Vest
New buttons.
Asymmetrical from original jacket

Topstitch new arm-hole
T-shirt strip-
new arm facing

Enlarged with side panel
cut from sleeve

Dynasty / Dallas
want buttons/shoulder pads back 
BEFORE: Dynasty and Dallas
want shoulder pads & buttons back. 



whatthesew said...

I like the asymmetry on this one. You seem to have perfected this jacket to vest method now. Its good to make something you can wear again.

RanchHouse said...

whatthesew Thank you. These vests have really expanded the wardrobe. Vests are versitle and easy to wear. Most are from jackets collected for their interesting fabric. But, now that I am semi-retired I do not need suit jackets. And yes they have gotten easier to sew as I have made them.

Chickie Walsh said...

That bright yellow is awesome and I love the asymmetrical front too. Great job!

Valerie said...

That is the best vest!

jenny_o said...

That is lovely! Your changes made a huge difference.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks to all. I wore the vest today. With black pants and turtleneck. A student loved it. Said it looked like a bumblebee!!!

cfortin said...

I love the diagonal and the bright yellow color.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycle Design Lab