Tuesday, May 23, 2017

coat update - cut off collar and embroider sleeves

I was given a thrifted coat about 2 months ago.  My friend had told me she saw a coat I would like and wanted to check before she got it for me (which was thoughtful as I have far too much to sew sometimes!).

It was a new (from the 1970s) with tags, coat.  Navy wool, and it was also probably part of a uniform as the company makes ship uniforms for the Cunard.  The cut and make was basic (none of the internal seams are finished), and while the coat is wool - it not that insulated, which on the other hand made it very useful for this time of year (ie mid season)

It was a bit big, so I unpicked all the seams and the intention was to take them in, but when I used a pattern for reference, the only piece I recut was the fronts.  The rest were left.  Now that its done, I am thinking of taking it in an inch on the side seams but no hurry).

Originally I was going to embroider other areas but it would have been both fiddly and difficult,  (the centre front) and embroidering the hem was out as the design would have been lost - so I settled on embroidering the sleeves.

I took off the collar and tidied the finish but I still want to finish the collar better but I have not decided which way yet -  www.upsew.ie


Saga said...

Those few hing you did, makes such a big difference. What a beauty it is now, I would buy that in a shop any day.

Eimear Greaney said...

Thank you Saga - I have worn it constantly since!