Monday, May 22, 2017

Dip Dye ReFashion

I've been playing with Rit Dye a lot.  Some things have worked out well others have not.  I made this plain white dress from a duvet.

I liked the dress but it was a little to plain for me.  PLUS after my last dye adventure I had LOTs of left over dye.

Dip dye using a pretzel bucket
I dip dyed this dress using a left over pretzel bucket.  This technique allowed me to soak the dress over night without spilling dye on to the white part of the garment.  

This time around I set the dye using Washing Soda (thank you internet) the the dark dye stayed put!

The tutorial for this look is on my blog:

1 comment:

Chickie Walsh said...

What a great color for that summer dress. Love the idea of a pretzel bucket, very clear and very pretty.