Thursday, May 04, 2017

Headband Refashion

I don't do a lot of accessory refashions but these headbands were fun and easy.  I had a couple of headbands that needed a little pazazz!  I added beads to one and flowers to another.

I'm trying to decide if i'm a headband kind of girl.  Since my head is too big for hats headbands have become my go to accessory for head decoration.
After #1
The bead headband is for wearing to work and every day activities.

After #2
The floral headband is for a Kentucky Derby Tea party that i'm attending in Louisville tomorrow.

All you need to make either one of these is embroidery floss and beads (or flowers).  A little hot glue holds everything together!

I kind of love this!

Both of these tutorials are available on my blog 


Chickie Walsh said...

I like them both but the Kentucky Derby headband is fabulous! How fun and perfect for the occasion.

RanchHouse said...

Yes!!! Love this on you. Have fun and they'll know it's cause you "wear flowers in your hair"

Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD

Anielska Aniela said...

I love one with flowers !<3