Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Asymmetrical Chiffon Cropped Top

Hey good people !

I have been working like a bee on my new spring-summer collection.

I have a lot of donated clothes of all sorts.  For this creation, I chose flowy and sheer crepe and rayon.  I have TONS of those types of clothes.

Here is what I started with:

Donated rayon dress - Loved the print !

Got this one at a church bazaar - crepe polka dots - LOVE !

Loved the bright colours of this flowy crepe top !

I made 2 asymmetrical tops.  The first one:

I think I should have put the sheer in the back to be able to wear it in public !!!

Here is the second one:

Love this one !  I brought pieces of the back in front for a slimming effect and increased the scoop for a more flattering result.  But I still have to master those darned French seams !!!

I like the second one better.  What do you think ? Would you buy this kind of top ?

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Peace !


PS: My blog is bilingual English/French


Jean said...

I think a lot of people would need to find something to wear under the first one. I do love the way you have blended the two tops though.

Catherine1216 said...

I like the top one best, but both are really cute. You are good at pattern mixing.

g.satansbraten said...

Concerning the 'sheer' front:
a) how about a 'blind bra' (= additional strip of either plain colour or of leftover material) from one side the other just where 'The Importants' are to be covered ;-) :-D ?
b) how about wearing it reverse round? Neckline 'twitching' necessary ? If due to this 'back-to-front' the back suddenly seems too short, how about a 'part peplum' (back only) in perhaps even asymmetrical ?

Chickie Walsh said...

These patterns look great together and the tops are so pretty. The sheer front might be a problem...... haha. Maybe a tank under?
Chickie EOD