Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saving Two Re-fashioned Pants

#76 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Me Made May pledge to wear one Re-fashioned item each day includes inspection of  already re-fashioned items.

BEFORE: I was loosing already Re-fashioned Navy pants and Lilac stripe pants to frayed seams. 

In the 1st Re-fashion: 
  • Downsized by running a side seam which ruined pocket use in Navy pair.  
  • Serger was not used. Both pair now show wear and fray on altered seams.
  • On current Re-fashions, I use Betzini's one seam pants patterns. This does not impact outside pants pockets.
  • I use new to me Juki Serger on seams.

  • Open waistband to access frayed side seams.
  • Remove unusable pockets in navy pockets,  
  • Run a narrow inside seam in Navy pants to alter them a bit smaller.
  • Re-stich the side seams to freshen them.
  • Serge all seams with new serger.

AFTER: Two pairs of pants back into the Me Made May wardrobe rotation.
  • Saved from fraying seams

AFTER: Frayed seams repaired
Pockets removed
Back in MMM Rotation

AFTER: Frayed seams repaired
Back in MMM Rotation

Before: 1st Re-fashion
Too small pockets
after side seam taken in.

BEFORE: 1st Re-fashion
Pinked seams were fraying

Removed unusable pockets

BEFORE: 1st Re-fashion
Seams frayed without Serger. 

AFTER: Seams saved with Serger.       



Chickie Walsh said...

Great fixes. The serged seams look great. I need to get a serger.
Nice job.

Chickie Walsh said...

Chickie EOD

Heidi said...

Nice job. I need to learn to use the serger.

RanchHouse said...

Sergers can be temperamental. My first one years ago was. One I have now is picky about new needles. My Juki is a dream. I don't sew without them now.

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