Sunday, May 21, 2017

Some New Undies !

Hey folks !

So for today's refashion, I decided to show you the new undies I have made for some celebrities I went to see.  That is my new strategy.

So I started with normal t-shirts and tops:

It is for a couple so I used the Scrundlewear Pattern from Stitch Upon A Time for the lady and Jalie's boxers for the gent (unfortunately discontinued).

I also digitized an embroidery of the show's poster :

Here is what I came up with for the embroidery:

And then for the underwear:

I hope they will fit them  !!!  They are so cute and nice !!!

Peace !



Chickie Walsh said...

Hahahahaha, you made the stars of the show one undies and gave it to them in person! I love it, how fabulous! What a fan you are, that is awesome.

Claudia said...

Thanks ! It is my new trademark !!!