Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Too Large Pants to Pull on Pants

#75 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Me Made May pledge to wear one Re-Fashioned item each day prompted me to finish these pants. I needed a Re-fashion to wear with a RTW top in the closet.

BEFORE: Pink /peach too large pants
  • Bought for a dollar in the Liz Claiborne outlet close-out.
  • From the refashion ‘someday’ stash.

  • Open only the inside and crotch seams, remove zipper and waistband.
  • Recut pants using the one-seam pattern.
  • Reassemble pants
  • Add t-shirt knit waist band cut from stash t-shirt.
  • Insert elastic.

AFTER: Pull on pants.
  • Second pair re-fashioned using this pattern.
  • Easier and faster than taking up and trying on several times.
  • Love the fit.
AFTER: Pull on pants

T-shirt / Elastic waistband

Pants Pattern 


Pic from the book

Pattern Book


Recutting Pants

Before: Too large



Chickie Walsh said...

Such a smart way to use the pants with a pattern. Beautiful!

Heidi said...

I am with Chickie. That is a very clever way to use the pattern.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Heidi and Chickie Walsh
I wore the pants today for Me Made May. I realized that by not cutting into or seaming the outside leg seam, the front pockets stayed the original size.
The back pockets did come closer together. But for these pants that will be worn with a pullover due to the elastic waist, that was ok.

Anonymous said...

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