Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Too Small Turtleneck becomes Fits Now Cowl

#74 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Favorite Spring stripe pullover needs under shirt in its colorway.

BEFORE: Turtleneck in perfect color for the stripe pullover
  • From the refashion stash. Way too small.
  • Matching burnout t-shirt from the stash.
  • Remove sleeves from both the re-fashion turtleneck and the burnout t-shirt
  • Enlarge the re-fashion t-shirt with its own sleeves.
  • Place the burn out sleeves in the re-fashion t-shirt.
AFTER: Turtleneck or cowl to wear under the striped sweater.
  • Back is patched, but hidden under the sweater.
AFTER: Pink Cowl
under Stripe Sweater

AFTER: Pink Cowl

AFTER: Not pretty pieced back
hidden under sweater

AFTER: Stripe sleeves
are perfect under sweater

BEFORE: Too small turtleneck
trying out striped sleeve

BEFORE: Burnout is match for small turtleneck

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Chickie Walsh said...

Great way to make them work together. And that color is beautiful!