Monday, July 10, 2017

Faux Sheep Hoody Vest

#84 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS:  Who knew? Another sweat jacket hoody hiding out in the closet. Unworn!

  • Another sweat jacket hoody from the closet.
  • Bulky faux sheep lining, made sleeves too tight and limited movement and layering underneath.
  • Seam rip sleeves from jacket. Open jacket sides.
  • Cut and insert side gusset cut from sleeves.
  • Serge all edges to make them manageable.
  • Self face arm cyles with lining.
  • Put all together and top stitch arm cycles.
  • Faux sheep bodice lining to warm body core, and cause it was too cute to loose.
  • Kept the sheep hood lining, which was not too thick and lay flat during wear.
AFTER:  Sheep lined Vest ready for the winter wear.

AFTER: Sheep lined vest.
Side insert cut from sleeves.


Kept faux lining in core and hood.

BEFORE: Fully lined.
Too bulky and tight.  

BEFORE: Fully lined.
Too bulky and tight.  


whatthesew said...

ha ha! I can understand why you need your no more shopping rule

Chickie Walsh said...

Cute vest. I love the lining that shows at the neckline.

A.C. said...

Looks good, but I would love to see how your garments look worn ! One can tell that this cute vest would be flattering, but with your other many vests, one can't tell how they would look on. And please put the before, before and the after, after for more clarity. I don't mean to be negative, but I have always wanted you to wear the articles that you have taken so much time to modify so I can see if I would want to do the same to my used clothing collection. I am not great at invisioning clothes on a hanger or dress form.

RanchHouse said...

Hi All: A.C.
Thanks for suggestions. I love getting feedback and appreciate your suggestions.

I enjoy seeing garments on the person. I love seeing Chickie in her before and afters. Such expressions in the befores! And such fun seeing the garments in action for others.

I present befores/afters on my dress form/model for several reasons: 1) I am my only photographer. Some do great one hand photo shoots in the mirror. I don't. 2) I am able to position and show details such as side inserts and linings on the model. 3) Fully dressing/styling the garment happens when I am out the door for work/fun. It was 100+ while sewing/posting the two hoodies. I won't dress in them till next December. 4) Time to sew/post is tight. No time to dress/model. It is 11:30 pm now and I am in my boxers/t-shirt. 4) Using the dress form helps me to see the garment in a new light. I put the garment on a form and let it talk to me. Sometimes for days. For me the before/after shots are a natural extension.

Posting afters in the beginning is because the 1st picture in the RCoop post is often the one to show up in a google search. In several google/pintrest searchs for refashion ideas, my own postings came up. The before pic was shown. Not what I wanted to share as the only pic with others.

Again, thanks for the feedback. I learn so much from this group and love the motivation and support.

A.C. said...

Thank you for explaining your technique. I will keep this in mind next posting. I appreciate that you do your blog and share your creativity with everyone when your day-to-day schedule/life sounds quite busy.

RKCSouthern said...

Hey girl! This is Rachel from RKC Southern blog! Thank you so much for linking to me in your November 2016 post about DIY-ing a peasant blouse from a plaid shirt! I love how yours turned out! All my best, -Rach