Monday, July 17, 2017

Re-fashion #2 for Quilted Vest

#86 Back to School Wardrobe

BEFORE: Vest in the Mending stash.
#1 Re-fashion last year from quilted jacket to vest included:
  • Used sleeves to cut/insert side gussets
  • Replaced buttons. 
  • Added denim and leatherette trim.
  • Faced the arm-cyles with binding. 
GOAL for this Refashion: Replace or recover peeling leatherette trim.

STEPS: I liked the original trim, which took time to apply.
I did not want to seam rip and replace the trim. 
  • Leave the trim in place.
  • Hand weave gold trim in place over the peeling trim.
AFTER:  Re-fashion #2. Vest is saved from the mending pile and ready to wear.

AFTER:  Re-fashion #2.
Vest is ready to wear

AFTER:  Re-fashion #2.
Vest is saved from the mending pile
New gold woven into trim
 over peeling leatherette.
Gold trim woven
over peeling leatherette.
BEFORE: Peeling trim from 1st Refashion
I  did not want to take time to replace it.


Chickie Walsh said...

Nice fix. It looks very pretty.

Heidi said...

I really like the contrasting trim. It really elevates the whole look! Great job!

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