Friday, February 16, 2018

Shoulder Ruffle Sweater Refashion

Ruffles! I love ruffles. They are a great way to add a chic and feminine touch to anything in your closet. Lately, I've been seeing ruffles everywhere and on everything. Ruffles have been trending, especially when placed on the shoulders. 

I had this grey sweater in my closet that had awkward fitting sleeves. The shoulder part somehow got stretched out and the sleeves hit at an awkward length between 3/4 and long. At first, I was just going to change the sleeves, but I decided this sweater needed a little more. As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I kept seeing shoulder ruffles, and I decided that was what this sweater needed.


1.  I chopped off those awkward sleeves.
2. I traced new sleeves out of the old ones.

3. I drafted my shoulder ruffles, cut them out, and hemmed them.

4. I basted the ruffle to the shoulder, then I sewed on the sleeve. The shoulder ruffle should be sandwiched in between the sweater and the sleeve.

See, gorgeous ruffles! 
For the full tutorial and more photos, please visit Sew Much Love, Mary

Thank you for reading!


kitblu said...

Interesting. You call it a ruffle. I call it a fairy wing. I can imagine adding to one of my shirts. Or maybe more than one!

Chickie Walsh said...

So pretty and it really elevates the whole shirt. Great job! Chickie EOD

Amy Miskis said...

so lovely!

Marisa Glied said...

What an amazing job! I LOVE this! You are so cute and creative! Keep up the amazing work!