Sunday, March 18, 2018


As in, Keep It Simple, Sewist.

This was originally a cardigan, and I had it sitting on Gabbi there for a very long time trying to decide what to do with it.  The sleeves were the problem - they stretched out and looked awful within an hour of wearing.  It didn't help I push my sleeves up a lot, but even so.

I came up with a whole lot of different ideas of fixing them: ruching, shortening and adding tabs, elasticising the cuffs... because I don't do sleeveless, I just don't like that on me.

And then it finally occurred to me - it's not like I'm ever going to wear this on its own, on account of it has no front closure (that's not me either!).  So if the other item had sleeves - good to go!  So off they came.  I tried unpicking the seam (nightmare) so in the end just cut them off with a 1cm allowance and hand sewed that down to neaten up the armhole - simples.

And sorry there are no before shots.  I did take some, but my computer recently died on me and the before photos are now missing.
Happy sewing!


Chickie Walsh said...

I like it so much. It is simple but it could be worn with so much. Very smart! The different colored sleeves make it fun and modern too.

ziggee said...

looks like it could have been bought boutique. Good job.