Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Resizing and updating a fit and flare dress

I am back! I have finally sat by the sewing machine again.

This cute dress was two sizes too big. I had already begun the resizing process, when I remembered to take photos. Here it is pinned in the back.

- I took it in along the mid back.
- And in the seams at the front sides.

The dress was still too large in the area between bust and neck.

I decided to make a neckline slit. I could use it to remove some of the extra width, and the slit would also provide the visual separation of the bust, which is flattering when you have a larger bust.
- I cut the slit and removed a cake-piece-shaped slice of fabric.

When you redesign a neckline, the advantage of making a slit is that you don't need more of the same fabric. The slit needs a facing, but it can be made of a different fabric, as it will be on the wrong side, and only peek out a tiny bit.

- I stitched the facing on, turned it to the wrong side, and topstitched it.
- I sewed on hook and eye. You can leave it unbuttoned for a more relaxed styling.

- Lastly I shortened the dress by 9 cm (3 35/64").

I wasn't completely sure the neckline slit would work as I thought, so I didn't make a tutorial. But it worked perfectly.
So I will do the slit trick with another dress I have, which has the same problem - and make a tutorial for you.
More photos of the process on my blog: http://saga-i-farver.blogspot.dk/2018/03/formindsket-kjole-fit-and-flare-dress.html


whatthesew said...

The dress is lovely. It looks vintage and the neckline adjustment has worked well.

Chickie Walsh said...

What a great dress. The slit really makes the neckline more interesting and the new fit is perfect. It is beautiful. I love it.